[title size=”2″ content_align=”left” style_type=”double solid” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Who has played in the FEDORIN CUP?[/title]

Over its history, hockey pros of past and present have played an integral role in the Fedorin Cup. Since the first game in 1998, this wonderful event has been supported by many NHL players and celebrities such as:

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playersAaron Swanson
Adam Lawrence
Alex Redmond
Alison Pankowski
Andy Selinger
Annie Pankowski
Art Trottier
Ben Hershkowitz
Bill Modrich
Bob Pitts
Bob Sipowich
Brad Freidman
Brad Sholl
Brian Biddle
Brian Calderon
Brian Dufresne
Brian Tressen
Bryan Reid
Chris Kincaid
Chris Tygarski
Dave Tous
Doug Ingraham
Dylan Brunton
Eric Carlisle
Eric Naughton
Erle Petrie
Jeff Laum
John Allaway
Jonathon Stover
Kelly Biddle
Kenny Richards
Len Komar
Leo Fenn
Lester Mckinnon
Mark Cote
Mark Villa
Mark Zuvich
Martin Cloutier
Matt Beehler
Mike Brown
Nolan Thompson
Paul Caito
Paul Miller
Phil Hulett
Phil Zamora
Ralph Fedorin
Robby Johnson
Robert Schumitzky
Ryan Smith
Scott Miller
Steve Cooke
Teddy Bancarz
Tom Cox
Tom Spiers
Tyler Maloney
Tyler Robertson
Vance Valles
Vicky Wang Wei
Zach Zhang
Zealin Cronk